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A chimney inspection is crucial to determine the condition of your chimney, ensure the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, and prevent damage to your home’s structure or fire hazards. The chimney is a space where flammable materials are used, which, in case something fails, can expose you to danger. When our team of experts checks your chimney, they verify that the vents are free of obstructions and that the chimney is structurally sound. If you want to learn more about this service, contact our team and request your inspection in Columbia, MD, and the surrounding areas.

Our Two Levels of Chimney Inspection

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At Thoro Check Home Inspection, we perform two levels of chimney inspection in order to identify different issues.

Level 1: It is more of a visual inspection. At this level, we focus on checking the chimney structure, verifying that it is free of obstructions and that any flammable material is located at a relevant distance.

Level 2: In addition to considering the aspects of level one, we go further, as this involves getting into the crawl space, examining the roof and attic, and sweeping the chimney. It is typically done when a home is sold/purchased.

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