Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspections

At ThoroCheck Home Inspections, we offer one-stop shopping at competitive rates. Our inspection packages offer thorough and affordable options to fit your home inspection needs. Our licensed and insured inspectors can handle every aspect of the home inspection process—from the foundation to the top of the roof. A professional inspector will inspect hundreds of major and minor systems within the home. Within 24 hours, we will deliver to your inbox, the most thorough and comprehensive report in the industry. View sample report.

Annual Maintenance Home Inspections (Ancillary Inspections):

Most expensive repairs may be averted if only you knew the repair was necessary. Ask yourself:  When is the last time I went into my attic to see if there was a leak? Have I ever performed maintenance on my furnace? Is my water heater failing or leaking? What is going on with my roof? These are examples of a few issues that might have developed without your knowledge.  Act now and avoid costly repairs. Have your home inspected and fix it before it becomes a major expense. ThoroCheck Home Inspections will come to your home and perform a complete home inspection or an ancillary inspection which could possibly save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs. Call for more information.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

If there is fireplace present in the home, a residential inspection will include an inspection of the readily accessible and visual areas of a fireplace. However, in many cases a more invasive inspection of the chimney’s flue and interior components is recommended especially if the fireplace is a wood burning unit. This inspection is referred to as a level-2 chimney inspection and is a separate ancillary service that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. To view the entire chimney flue and the components, a high-tech light-house camera is required that is inserted up and through the chimney to check for damage to the flue, the damper, and the flue lining, mortar deterioration, offset terracotta flue tiles, failing mortar joints, squirl and bird nests, and much more. All these hazards can cause problems with the operation of the fireplace, as well as possibly catching fire and back drafting soot into the home. Soot can cause damage to the paint, requiring the entire home to be repainted to mitigate the mess and discolored walls and ceilings. For a few hundred dollars, it makes sense to consider adding this most valuable safety check to your required inspections.

Water Quality Testing

Dirty water can do more than just taste bad. It can also be bad for you. Water quality is important because it directly affects the health of people, animals and plants that drink or otherwise utilize the water. When water quality is compromised, its usage puts users at risk of developing health complications. Pollutants can harm people’s health when they drink water or eat seafood from contaminated surface water. EPA scientists research how much of a specific chemical can be present in surface water before it is likely to harm human health. Based on this research, consider having a water quality test done to make sure you and your family stay safe and healthy when consuming or utilizing the water in your present home or the new home you are about to purchase. EPA website for more information

Radon Inspection

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is very serious about minimizing the levels of radon in the home. In fact, the (EPA) highly recommends that every house be tested for radon especially during a real estate transaction. According to the EPA, Radon is the number 2 cause of lung cancer in human beings next to smoking. I am sure you have heard the statement:  But granddad never smoked a day in his life… so how did he get lung cancer? Why would you take a chance? Get informed. For what you would spend on a night out on the town, a radon test can be performed. Radon is easy to correct and does not require a large investment to install a mitigation system if necessary.  Consider including a radon test on the home where you are currently living and most definitely have a radon test completed on any future home. It just makes sense. It may save your life and/or the life of a loved one.  Learn More.

Sewer Scope Inspection

If you presently live in an older home and/or have trees near the sewage lines leading to the septic tanks or public utilities, it is prudent to have a sewer scope inspection performed.  Tree roots can penetrate the main sewer lines causing obstructions which can back up into the house and cause a massive mess and thousands of dollars of damage. In addition to the damage to the house, the cost to repair or replace the sewer pipes can run into the thousands as well. ThoroCheck Home Inspections is equipped with certified inspectors who are experienced in utilizing specialized equipment to take a thorough look into the sewer lines. Don’t have a clean out access? No worries. We will remove the toilet at the lowest level of the home, replace the toilet with new flange bolds, and we will replace the wax seal to be sure the toilet is replaced just the way we found it. We will report on the condition of the lines and report any damage or obstructions.  A sewer scope inspection can save you money and a lot of headaches. It just makes sense.  For more information on our sewer scope services, give us a call for a no obligation consultation.

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection

Nobody likes pests!  Especially termites!  Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Carpenter Ants, and other wood destroying organisms (WDO) can cause major damage to the wood components in a home. The damage can be minor if caught early. However, if not identified early, the damage could be serious, damaging the framing structure of the home. ThoroCheck will investigate for WDOs and attempt to identify evidence of WDOs within the home. If there is evidence requiring further evaluation and treatment by a licensed pest control company, ThoroCheck will make such recommendation.

Mold Inspection

 If you are concerned that mold may be an issue in the home where you are presently living or in a home you are considering purchasing, find out for certain with mold testing from our dedicated and certified team of qualified inspectors at ThoroCheck Home Inspections. We know how much harm mold can cause and we understand the importance of professional mold testing. To protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of mold, act now and give us a call today at (410) 357-3842 to find out more about our extensive mold inspection services and/or request a quote.